Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a vital part of the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) community. As a meet director, your role is integral to our operations and the overall integrity of the sport. You are entrusted with ensuring the safety of all staff and lifters, upholding WRPF's rules and regulations, providing the required equipment, and maintaining the spirit and integrity of the sport.
To be eligible to become a Meet Director with the WRPF, we require the following prerequisites to be met:

Must be a WRPF Referee and complete background check/sign affiliate agreement, etc.

Must have a minimum of 6 meets refereed (previous experience with another federation is acceptable barring verification of referee log)

Must have a minimum of 24 flights judged

Must have a minimum of 4 flights spotting and loading experience

Must be mentored from a veteran meet director (2 years of experience as a meet director) for a minimum of 2 meets. 1 of the meets must be a Drug Tested event.

Must successfully pass the Liftingcast Exam

Approval/Recommendation from State Chair or Meet Director Manager
Mailing Address(Required)
Do you have access to referees in your area?(Required)
Are you well-versed with the WRPF rulebook, or the general rules of the sport?(Required)
Would you be willing to undergo a background check as part of the application process?(Required)

Your prompt response to these questions will be greatly appreciated. Following the submission of this form, please allow 5-7 business days for a detailed review of your responses. Post-review, we can further discuss your potential addition to the WRPF team and if it aligns well with the current needs of the federation. Thank you once again for your interest and time. We look forward to your response and the potential opportunity of welcoming you to the WRPF team.
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