Today, October 25, 2023, BarBend and the WRPF (World Raw Powerlifting Federation) Americas announce a first-of-its-kind media partnership to shine a spotlight on the sport of raw powerlifting in the United States and beyond.

As part of the agreement, BarBend will become the WRPF Americas’ Official Media Partner. BarBend will dedicate more resources to covering the sport of raw powerlifting across its content platforms, which reached over 31 million on-site readers in 2022. This content will include exclusive previews, interviews with athletes, and more meet results published on

The two organizations will also partner on social content and videos, as well as select podcast crossovers and collaborations. To promote journalistic transparency and integrity, all content executed in partnership between the two organizations will receive a special editorial disclaimer.

Says Ana Perez, the WRPF Americas Vice President:

“This collaboration marks a monumental stride in unifying our strength community and magnifying the sport’s influence and reach. This is a very exciting time for powerlifting, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with BarBend.”